Thank you for your interest in The Cedar. Applying to a small school with a special curriculum is quite a step — both for you and for us. In the application process, we will explore whether The Cedar is the right school for you.

Because of the special school program, it is best for the child and the school if a student starts as early as possible. Entering later in life is detrimental to student and school.

There is currently no room for new applications for upper elementary and middle school groups.

We are:


God’s Word is the authority for all areas of life. The lives of teachers, students and parents are determined and shaped by the Bible. This is the basis of education and interaction with one another.


ICS The Cedar is a private school, a non-government funded school. Teachers and parents make sacrifices to make this education possible.


Together we contribute to your child’s education and together we carry the school. Parents are committed and closely involved in education and the school.

The application process

Stop by to get acquainted and sample the atmosphere. We will talk about what is important to you and what is important to the school.
Do we fit together?
We look at what level your child has and what group he or she would fit into.

Can the school offer what suits your child?

Discussion of tests and consultation. Asking and answering questions.
Are we the right school for you?
In a final conversation, we come to the conclusion of whether your child will be admitted.