Why De Ceder?

Describing a school on a website is not easy. It is difficult to summarize in text the atmosphere, the learning, the togetherness and everything else that takes place at a school.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact us and get to know us better. Nevertheless, we would like to try to give you a brief impression of De Ceder, our unique international school for primary and secondary education, on the following pages.


The school offers a safe, loving environment, a sound Christian philosophy, an excellent curriculum and good facilities, with a dedicated staff and parent organization.


The structures in our small school are clear and familiar, and in daily life we are committed to a biblical ethos in everything we do. Good relationships between students, teachers and parents are very important to us.


With our school, we want to leave an indelible impression in the lives of our students. It is of utmost importance to us that parents have the same desire for their children and have a lot to show for it.


The school was started on the initiative of a group of parents who wanted their children to receive an education based on the Bible and taught by committed Christians who wanted to put this into practice in their lives and pass it on to the children.



We provide international education, with English as the language of instruction. The student population consists of Dutch and international students, where the latter mainly consist of expat families living in the Netherlands for shorter or longer periods of time. Native history and Dutch are taught in Dutch.

Daily openings, monthly openings and Bible lessons, as well as the total curriculum, contribute to the formation of our students. If students are to find God’s plan for their lives, it is important that students develop their God-given talents. We therefore encourage them to strive for the highest level attainable for them intellectually, but equally in other respects.

Values and norms


To teach and educate is to pass on our values, our worldview, to the next generation. The higher those values are, the higher the quality of life and the more positive the impact on society will be. The highest values are given to us by God in the Bible. If education and upbringing are based on these, it is our belief that children will be able to develop optimally in every respect.

In the character of Jesus Christ, we see these values perfectly expressed. Character formation after His example occupies a central place in our education. The entire curriculum that is used is also based on this; in this, our ambition is that every student develops a personal relationship with God. In addition to this emphasis on character formation, we encourage our students to play an edifying and serving role in the environment in which they find themselves.


Education is individualized. The small scale of the school means that no one is left out of the picture. Each child is guided in growing in responsibility; for their own school work, serving others, forming character. The curriculum is individualized. Students work independently at their own pace and level.